About Us

Thape Media is a television production and multi-media company that specialises in visual storytelling. With more than 20 years experience in content production and broadcast, our strength lies in crafting each story in a memorable and effective way for the intended audience to connect with.

Our clients range from big corporates in the private sector to local and international TV broadcasters. We are masters at effective communication in short form and long form media. Whether its corporate videos, social media content, animation, motion graphics, TV commercials, training videos or TV shows and films, we tell each story with heart, creative flair and excellence. Its your story, we will craft the best way to tell it! We are kings of content and are a black, youth, women owned company that strives to exceed our clients needs.

Our passion is to transcend the limits of visual and audio media production, to tell authentic stories through moving images and capture the vision of our corporate and broadcast clients through media. We believe in the power of building relationships and our innovative approach to different projects means we offer our clients an unrivalled service. Allow us to earn your trust, we would like to partner with you!